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This edition of Blind Items features a pro-athlete playing peek-a-boo, a hotel-room yoga snap, a tree-hugging celeb, and double-dating philanthropists. See if you can guess which celebrities are making headlines for their do-good ways instead of the did-WHAT? ways we’re so accustomed to. After all, Hollywood scandal is as common as sadistic exercise fads — what’s actually shocking is when stars do something wonderfilled.



Which British footballer was behind a downright stampede during his latest visit to China? This sporty spice star was too hot to handle during his tour of the country, inciting a massive mob of fans (a few even ended up getting hurt ☹). Turns out, his visit was meant to cheer up kids in local hospitals, not to send people there. This model athlete managed to put on some pants before surprising sick children (and some very lucky nurses) at the Green Town Hospital in Hangzou where he arrived with lollipops in hand and played a few rounds of peek-a-boo.

Meet the Dynamic Double-Dating Duo

Which boy band heartthrobs are treating two fans to the best double date ever? These teenage crooners are offering up a very romantic prize that includes a shopping spree, night out, and sleepover at a swanky hotel in their beloved London? Young love is cute, but it gets even more adorable. Contestants are encouraged to donate to Trekstock, a charity that helps children and teens that are battling cancer.


This Actor Is All Green Thumbs

Can you guess which eccentric actor is out to take over…the paper industry? Yep, this quirky thespian has committed to protecting our forests by creating the first affordable straw-based paper. For every two boxes of his eco-friendly paper, a tree’s wood is saved from getting the axe (paper pun intended). Now this is a celebrity business venture that we can really cheers to!


The Tale of the Supermodel and the Yogi

Which supermodel mama is getting her baby into yoga? This globe-trotting bombshell recently posted an angelic Instagram of her and a pint-size yogi practicing some early-morning poses in a Paris hotel room. Sadly, it doesn’t look like baby yoga is the new fitness craze. Her seven-month-old was simply watching her gorgeous mom practice a few poses. It’s only a matter of time until baby yoga catches on, though…


Can you guess which Good Sam celebs are setting the bar instead of closing it down? If all the stars in Hollywood followed their lead, oh what a wonderfilled universe it would be.

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