It's Blind Items time, guys. This edition features a Beantown slugger who has no problem smooching in public, a tennis icon who scores some laughs with his spot-on impressions of other players, a hoops superstar in a hospital, and a little lady outshooting a pro center. See if you can guess which athletes are making headlines for their do-good ways instead of the did-WHAT? ways we're accustomed to. Sports scandals are as common as home runs – what's actually shocking is when athletes do something wonderfilled.

How Do You Canoodle With A Labradoodle?

Although he's fearsome at the plate, which pro slugger likes to get cuddly? After running conditioning drills, this bat-flipping power hitter, who helped lead his team to its 2004 championship, was photographed kissing his little dog Mikey on the mouth. This should give hecklers in the Bronx some new ammo, although it’s pretty nifty that this intimidator has no qualms about giving his pooch a very public smackeroo.

His Impression Skills Are Aces

Which men's tennis player surprised a UK crowd with an impression of a famous female counterpart – right there on the court? This Serbian tennis superstar, who was in the middle of an exhibition match with the stunner’s boyfriend, replicated her distinctive pre-return routine to a tee, including her piercing shriek when she makes contact with the ball. Luckily, just like the whole court-side crowd, she found the whole charade very amusing!


From Big Man To Big Benefactor

Which retired basketball superstar announced he's adding "philanthropist" to his already crowded CV? While being inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame, this blue-chip big man let it slip that he's in the planning stages of building a children's hospital in Baton Rouge. And get this: He says that the hospital will be free for families who can't afford health care. Either he's looking at becoming a big-time benefactor, or he's paying penance for his rap career.


The $5,000 Free Throw

This celebrity baller was recently challenged to a free-throw competition by a mother of three...and lost. While this recent Texas transplant isn't known for his skills on the line, it's a little shocking that he managed to miss his first five attempts (even if he was using his left hand). But the $5,000 that the loser donated to charity made the whole thing worthwhile.


Can you guess which sports stars are making a splash instead of landing in hot water? If all athletes followed their lead, what a wonderfilled universe it would be...

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