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This edition of Blind Items features a baseball all-star meeting his fans late-night, a soccer legend in the moonlight, a point guard and a marriage proposal, and a lineman chilling with a handsy sort. See if you can guess which athletes are making headlines for their do-good ways instead of the did-WHAT? ways we're accustomed to. After all, sports scandals are as common as gray hairs in a manager’s mustache – what's actually shocking is when athletes do something wonderfilled.


This Is Called A "Good Tweet"

Which baller helped a superfan pop the question? This sometimes bespectacled, highly fashionable all-star scored an assist by tweeting on behalf of a fan who had reached out to his favorite player on Twitter for help with the proposal. The day of the tweet, he asked his sweetie to check Twitter at a specific time. The thunderous answer? She said yes!

Your Latte's Ready

Which member of Italy's Cup-winning squad was recently photographed moonlighting at a coffee shop? This long-maned midfielder (who now rocks a Jesus-style beard to match his flowing locks of hair) was caught on film making an espresso. Has the footballer fallen on hard times? Doubtful...he rakes in approximately $30 million annually.


DT Gets Grabby

Which defensive tackle came face-to-face with an octopus at a pro hockey playoff game? Although this lineman is known for (literally) flipping out, he was a gentle giant at the game, cheering with the best of them, even when fans chucked a bunch of octopi onto the ice (the practice dates back to 1952). The pro then handled one of the sea creatures off the ice and rode a Zamboni around the rink. Oh, the perks of being Detroit sports royalty.


Stud Stunt

Which Big Apple pro pitcher, at the request of a high-profile prankster, wandered around NYC and asked fans what they thought of him? The catch? Since he was wearing street clothes, and because he's a rookie, most of the fans didn't recognize him. Many New Yorkers were more than happy to give him advice, and a few even confessed that they thought he was "a stud," not knowing that they were actually talking to him. Maybe now that he’s started a game, NYC baseball fans will be quicker to spot him in a crowd.


Can you guess which sports stars are making a splash instead of landing in hot water? If all athletes followed their lead, what a wonderfilled universe it would be…

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