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Which Reliever Is Hot-Dogging In The Minors? (And Other Blind Items)

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This round of blind items features a superstar who spent a massive wad of cash, a basketball player who celebrated sinking a buzzer-beater in a unique way, a hotshot hot dog, and a former champ who's got a new love. See if you can guess which sports celebs are making headlines for their do-good ways instead of the did-WHAT? ways we're accustomed to. After all, sports scandals are as common as overexcited mascots — what's actually shocking is when athletes do something wonderfilled.


All-time Leader In Assists?

Which three-time scoring champ recently parted with a whopping $1 million? This 24-year-old D.C. native meant to hide his spending, but then his donation to assist people affected by the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma was leaked to the media. Now that’s an assist.


Hug It Out

Which pro basketball player scored a game-winning layup, then ran into the arms of a formidable man? This forward-thinking forward, a former Hoya, missed the entire 2011-12 basketball season due to an aortic aneurysm. Of course he wanted to publicly thank the man who saved his life and made his triumphant return possible: heart surgeon. It was a tear-jerker moment worthy of a four-hanky TV movie.


Hot-Doggin' It for Charity

Which three-time all-star closer was spotted donning a jersey featuring a giant hot dog? This former winner of the most prestigious award for relievers wore the sausage shirt on the mound to promote a "Create Your Own Hot Dog Challenge" night (it was then auctioned off for charity). With some luck, this pitcher will put some mustard on his fastball in the minors and be back with his major league club soon.


Sugar Daddy

Which power forward has a new love? This former league MVP and owner of impressive head of hair told the media he was “excited" about her. She looks pretty cute…so much so that teammates have been tweeting congrats. Yep, this big guy is a big daddy now.


Can you guess which sports stars were making a splash instead of landing in hot water? If all athletes followed their lead, what a wonderfilled universe it would be…

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