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This edition of Blind Items features a senior starlet dating for a fee, a famous "drop-in", the breakout star among Hollywood’s vegan babies, and a celeb-turned-superhero rescuing a regular person from Ohio. See if you can guess which celebrities are making headlines for their do-good ways instead of the did-WHAT? ways we’re so accustomed to. After all, Hollywood scandal is as common as weird baby names — what’s actually shocking is when stars do something wonderfilled.


Like a Fine Wine

Which “mature” actress is officially on the market in a very literal sense? Looks like women really are like a fine wine because a date with this senior comic goddess is being auctioned on eBay with a starting bid of $1,500. Don’t worry, though, she isn’t selling an evening by her side because she’s strapped for cash in her golden years. The money will go to the Morris Animal Foundation. Is there anything cuter than elderly romance and puppies? We think not.

Droppin' In and Droppin' Science

Surprise, surprise! A leading man dropped in unannounced to an acting school's commencement ceremony. He spouted wisdom from on high about everything from making friends on set to taking risks to land a part in a speech that left grads gushing that he was "inspiring." Sounds divine. Thankfully, he was wearing pants.


Dude Sounds Like a Lady

Which handsome songbird is showing his feminine…or rather, feminist side? In a press conference for The Sound of Change Live – a concert that raised funds and awareness for Chime for Change, a charity assisting women around the world – this philanthropic singer outed himself as a feminist, saying, “All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights the world will be a better place.” Apparently he’s not just talking about his feminist ideas, he’s singing about them, too. Rumor has it, this famed collaborator has written a song inspired by his commitment to women’s issues.


My Hero!

Which quirky director, producer, and actor played the hero by saving the life of an Ohio tourist? After coming upon an elderly man who had fallen in the street and wounded his neck, this eccentric actor sprung into action, stopped the bleeding, and kept the man calm until emergency services arrived. While he downplayed his role in helping the injured tourist, we think he may be destined for an against-type leading role in the next superhero blockbuster.


Can you guess which Good Sam celebs are setting the bar instead of closing it down? If all the stars in Hollywood followed their lead, oh what a wonderfilled universe it would be.

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