This edition of Blind Items features a smoking hot bathroom pic, shoes designed by a Hollywood hunk, love conquering a press tour, and plagiarism gone viral. See if you can guess which celebrities are making headlines for their do-good ways instead of the did-WHAT? ways we’re so accustomed to. After all, Hollywood scandal is as common as foodie Instagrams what’s actually shocking is when stars do something wonderfilled.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Fact, not fiction: this snake of an actor was recently caught stealing a monologue from an award-winning (and nauseating) show, filming himself performing another actor's lines and then posting the video online. Let this viral act of plagiarism slide, though: a crowdsource funding company helped the actor’s viral vid performance raise $170K for Alzheimer’s research. Awwww.

Sharks Need Love, Too

Which TV housewife is swapping her apron and pearls for a wetsuit? This A-List actress has taken on the role of shark protector in a new PSA urging people to be “Scared FOR Sharks”, not of them. We had no idea that this classic blonde beauty is mad about the creatures that have struck fear in the hearts of so many swimmers and surfers. Things might be looking up for this endangered species now that they have a gorgeous celebrity on their side.


The Born-Again Bohemian

Which Boston-born Hollywood quadruple-threat took a break from directing to design shoes that are both cute and for a better cause than feeding a celebrity's desire to add ‘clothing designer’ to their resume? Spies say this wicked cool celeb was spotted cozying up to Congolese textiles not long after he dissed his bank account to live off of $1.50 a day. Could this award-winning dreamboat be going BoHo?


Arm Candy Wants Candy

Which congenial actress ditched her press tour to spend time with her diminutive leading man? After a full day of interviews for her summer blockbuster, the starlet was spotted holding hands with a handsome lad as they stepped out of their NYC hotel. Where they were headed, no one knows but it’s safe to assume the heat is definitely on.


Can you guess which Good Sam celebs are setting the bar instead of closing it down? If all the stars in Hollywood followed their lead, oh what a wonderfilled universe it would be.