Stress is one of those things that becomes more ubiquitous with age, like grey hairs and nagging mothers who need to know when you’re going to procreate. But even though countless responsibilities and occasional panic attacks are sure signs you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to handle stress like one. Here are some fun ways to bust stress when you’re young at heart but kinda old in...pretty much every other way.

Laugh it off. Laughter is seriously underrated. It's a totally accessible way to shake off stress. And it works fast — it only takes half a second for a case of the giggles to lighten your mood. The next time you feel super stressed, take a YouTube break and let laughter do the rest. (Having a really bad day? There's a cat .gif for that.)

Bike share your way to serenity. Bike shares make it super easy to go for a ride on a whim — and burn off anxiety in the process. And, your friendly local bike share makes it so convenient that you can receive a Saturday voicemail of doom from your boss, turn your phone off with the quickness, and ride away from all your problems in literal minutes (OK, your problems will still be there when you return your bike, but you’ll be far better equipped to deal with them once you get your cardio on).

Two words: bubble wrap. Is there nothing more cathartic than popping innocent bubbles, their only crime protecting your fragile packages? Of course not! It's like popping a zit, minus the pus and possible scarring. You don't even need to feel bad about it — bubble wrap is pretty much begging to be popped (if it weren't, why would it come in the form of an electronic keychain? Why would it come disguised as days of the week on a calendar, ripe for the popping?) If you're too post-modern to receive packages in the mail these days, pop these virtual bubbles for a quick release.

Take a snack break. So after you laugh, bike and play with bubble wrap and want a snack break, grab an Oreo!